The Ripple Effect

A small drop in a big ocean.

In life, we all make decisions that have a ripple effect throughout our journey and making the right ones can be challenging. Sometimes we don’t even knowa decision is effecting us until we trace it back to where it started or originated from. In running, making the right choices are equally as important. For a long time I have underestimated this is my training program. Ignoring that little muscular niggle, skipping that one training session and eating way to much chocolate have been some of my mistakes at one time or another.

Did you know that there are 28 bones and 25 joints in the foot and ankle complex?

That’s a lot of bits and pieces that need to be taken care of! The repetitive motion of running can place a lot of strain on the ankle and foot, and after past experience with tendinitis that kept me off my feet for weeks I’ve learned my lesson the hard way. Here are a few of my personal tips to keep your feet and ankles in good shape!

– Make sure that during your exercise programs that you increase activity incrementally. Large increases in activity place extra, unnecessary pressure on your joints and muscles. Your feet will do what you ask of them, if you ask nicely!

– Ensure you are wearing the right shoe for your unique feet by being fitted by a specialist. Shoes are specifically designed for different shapes and sizes,  making sure you are fitted with the correct type is critical.

– Pamper your feet every once in a while. They carry you every day of your life. A foot massage, using moisturising cream and keeping my nails trimmed are part of my regular routine.

Each of these small steps helps ensure I have happy feet!

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