Busselton – race recap


My least strongest discipline, and I knew it. I was terrified. 3.8kms just seemed so big in my mind. What if I can’t do it? What if it’s too rough? What if they have to rescue me?

I hit the waters edge full of self doubt and uncertainty, and with a lot of courage. The first of two laps was ok, I struggled but kept pushing. I found some space and got into the flow.

The second lap was very hard. The wind picked up, the water was choppy. I was overwhelmed. My goggles filled with water, my arms were heavy, I drank too much ocean water. I went the wrong way, was pushed around, people grabbing my feet. It was like a salt water mosh pit.

Just breathe. Relax. Pull yourself together. This is what I’ve trained for, I can do this. Just keep swimming 🐠

After an hour and forty nine minutes, I hit dry land. I did it. I overcame the very thing I was scared to do.

Lesson – you CAN do the things you are afraid of.

…now time to get on the bike 🚴‍♀️

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Whether you’re an Ironman pro, a cycling veteran or a total newbie – 180kms on bike is a very looooong way.

As I got going, I was just so grateful to be out of the water and doing something that felt more natural. Through years of endurance running, I had the self belief that my legs were strong and I could do this. That belief was tested several times.

Two laps of a 90km course. Lap one was all about getting to lap two. Lap two was where it got super difficult.

119kms in i started singing to myself to pass the time, everything hurt (and I mean everything) so I needed a distraction. I realised my brain was mush when I couldn’t remember the words to my favourite songs. I somehow managed to combine a Disney song to the tune of AC/DC 😂 at one point, I thought the shadow of a tree was a brick wall!

It was hot, and I could feel the salt water and sweat crystals on my skin. I was sunburnt and probably dehydrated but very determined.

About 165kms down and 15kms to go, I felt like I was on a dysfunctional merry-go-round. When you’re clipped in, your only option is to either get off your bike and quit, or just keep peddling. I went through a moment of absolute desperation to finish the bike leg, to complete elation that I was almost there. I cried a sense of relief about 6 times. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!

Heading towards to dismount line, I slowly jumped off and went into transition – with a smile on my face knowing that I finally would get to run (even if it’s a marathon!)

LESSON – resilience isn’t a talent, it’s earned. Through every moment we push beyond what we think our limitation is. Now matter how hard it gets.

…now let’s run and get this done 🏃‍♀️

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Now this is the fun part! I’ve been looking forward to this moment all day. I get to run, I get to do the thing I love, the sport I’m good at. ‘Did a little happy dance in my head’ 💃

The legs were tired (no kidding) and quite sluggish to start with. I was actively reminding myself to slow down, take the first few kms easy and let the legs adapt to the change in cadence from the bike.

The whole town of Busselton had turned out to cheer us on, and it was a total vibe. The best crowd I’ve ever experienced. Strangers were shouting my name, holding up signs and cheering loudly.

My strategy was simple, just don’t stop running – and only walk the aid station tables so you don’t spill your drink.

Four laps of just over 10kms. Lap one was easier, lap two was more challenging but manageable. I hit the wall in lap three. The calorie deficit kicked in and my body was screaming out for more fuel. I ate and drank as much as I could stomach and just kept running.

Lap four – so close now. ‘One step in front of the other’. As my legs begun to slow down, I got my arms swinging for some extra oomph. Was I really about to finish an Ironman? You betcha!!

That last km was painful but I didn’t care anymore, I was so damn grateful to be here and I was once again reminded that my body can do extraordinary things.

The finish shute was magical – red carpet, lights and loud music, I stopped for a moment to ring the ‘first timers’ bell 🔔

As I crossed the line, I heard the words ‘Beck Mitchell, you are an IRONMAN!’

LESSON – your body is an incredible machine, it will do whatever you ask of it. Build a strong mind, and you will become unstoppable.

I had finished. It was over, job done.

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