All for love

I often get asked “do I REALLY enjoy running a marathon?”

You could ask me that a thousand times and my answer would still be the same. Mostly I think people focus on the pain involved, instead of enjoying the journey. Yes, it’s painful. Yes, it’s difficult. Yes, there is lots of strategy and effort required. So how does the reward of the finish line and a shiny medal compare to what you go through in the process? Perhaps you will find out one day for yourself!

The simple fact of the matter is that the joy of running and movement is available to every single person. Yes, I am talking about you! Whether you were born to run, or whether it lies buried in your soul each of us can experience the joy of it’s reward. Running really does mean a lot of different things for different people, and for me it personal. 

I love the feeling I get when I beat my personal best, it gives me great pride in the progress I am making. I also love the feeling of just going for a casual run along a trail, without any care for time or pace. The experience of running has such a purity to it, a freshness, and it often helps me to find more in me than what I thought possible.  Being a marathon runner is as much about digging deeper to find a better version of myself as it is about simply enjoying every step along the way. 

I run for progress, I run for pain and I run for love of running!